Introducing CodeLighthouse.

Catch application errors in live time to minimize customer impact. Instantly notify function owners of errors via email, text message, or any of our other supported communication channels.

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Catch errors in live time

We know your customers are important to you. Catch errors in live time to minimize customer impact.


Designed with distributed agile teams in mind

Identify function owners and notify them as errors happen to streamline debugging and fixing the issue

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Documentation for everything

We've written extensive documentation for components and tools, so you never have to reverse engineer anything.


Python Integration

Use our Python package to easily integrate CodeLighthouse into all of your Python applications and functions.

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Node.js integration

Use our Node.js SDK for seamless, frictionless integration into all of your Node.js and Express apps.

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Not building with Node.js or Python? We have a fully functional HTTP API that you can consume with the language of your choice.

Real-time error monitoring
for your

Notify code owners of errors in real time with your integration of choice, minimizing customer impact. With built-in error storm protection, you’ll receive valuable intelligence without being overwhelmed.

Real-time error notifications

Error storm protection

Application error analytics

Common Integrations


Seamless Integration.

Plug our lightweight SDK into your code for easy, frictionless setup. Receive notifications through your integration of choice.


Insight and visibility into your code.

Let’s face it: stack traces and default error messages aren’t always useful. Identify and reproduce error conditions faster with detailed application state information.


Simple pricing

With three packages for businesses of any size, only pay for what you need.

$ 0 /mo

3 Users

$4.00/Additional User

1 Event/Second

100 Events/Month

48 Hr. Email Support

$ 159 /mo

10 Users

$4.00/Additional User

10 Events/Second

1,000 Events/Month

9-5 Phone Support M-F

Free integration assistance

$ 499 /mo

50 Users

$4.00/Additional User

100 Events/Second

100,000 Events/Month

24/7 Phone Support

Free integration assistance


What if I decide I don't need real-time error notifications?

We offer a one month trial completely risk-free! If you decide you aren't interested, we won't charge you!


Can I build something cool with this?

Absolutely! Once you integrate CodeLighthouse into your applications, your developers can focus on building features for your business instead of hunting down pesky errors.


Can you add support for another language or integration?

Contact us! We'd love to talk with you about building a solution to fit your needs.


Want more information?

Reach out to us at hello@codelighthouse.io, and you'll hear back within 24 hours. No robots here—real live humans only!

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